Aditya Micronutrients has a wide experience of providing Bio-fertilizers, Micro and Macro Nutrients that are recognized as ideal organic products, commercially viable for Organic Farming worldwide, focusing on sustainable agriculture & balanced nutrient supply to plants.
Aditya products have superior performance and relatively low cost when compared to similar Agro products. Our other Services include Soil Testing, Farmer Consultation, Greenhouse/Polyhouse farming Services.    More about Aditya..
Aditya Foliar Application serves as a very crucial and well demanded beneficiary for plants. This can be achieved through adoption of modern, well researched and précised practices in terms of nutrient management.

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Our Products

Aditya Soil Application
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Aditya Foliar Application
Aditya Secondary Nutrient


Foliar Applied KNO3 for More Yield

Use of Foliar Applied KNO3 on Rice Resulted in 15% More Yield and 13% Increase in Farmers’ Net Income
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