We are leading in the plants service fields.

Aditya Micronutrients has a wide experience of providing Bio-fertilizers, Micro and Macro Nutrients that are recognized as ideal agriculture products, commercially viable for Organic and Inorganic Farming worldwide, focusing on sustainable agriculture & balanced nutrient supply to plants. Aditya products have superior performance and relatively low cost when compared to similar Agro products. Our other Services include Soil Testing, Farmer Consultation, Greenhouse/Polyhouse farming Services.

Quality Products

Aditya Fertilizer sources and delivers only the highest quality products and we employ a variety of methods at our terminals and distribution points to maintain quality for the end user:

  • Best quality raw materials
  • Product screening and conditioning
  • Research based products
  • Proper storage,handling and product transfer (loading/unloading)

Customer Oriented

Agricultural is truly a global industry and shall always remain so till human survives on this planet. For us farmers and our customers are not just Kings but Gods!! In this global world, No longer are you just competing with the farmer down the road, or the retailer across town. For you to gain a competitive edge, We at Aditya can help by providing effective and superior products practically anywhere in the world via our well-connected supply and distribution team and extensive network in several reputed destinations.

Farmer Friendly

Being farmers ourseleves we understand what farmers go through hence all are product and services are customized to be farmer friendly for their upliftment and betterment.

Research And Development Oriented

Our highly skilled research and development team consiting of agriculurist,biotechnologists and scientists work in order to meet the ever-changing demands of our esteemed clients. As we are the supreme manufacturer of high-quality Fertilizer, we never forget to add a bunch of desired qualities, demanded by the customers.




We provide the perfect service for you.


Aditya Fertilizer Laboratories, having latest machinery and technologies provides for agricultural lab tests on everything from soil...

Farmer Consultation

We provide customized consultations for farmers where farmers can call us for free solutions or can ask for our specialised teams to visit their farms...

Research & Development

R&D is the basis of our companies strengths and quality. Let our team of specialised scientists solve your problems or create highly specified products for you...

Soil Testing

Soil testing forms the basis of modern agriculture, It is performed to analyse target groups of compounds and minerals...


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