Our Services

We are leading in the plants service fields.

Agriculture is a science. our services are desgined to bring this science to your doorstep. Our highly equipeed labs which churn out our unique products, To design of new innovative products backed by our research team to specialised team of agriculutrist providing farmer consultation, To unique soil quality consultation by way of our soil testing. We do it all for you.


Aditya Fertilizer Laboratories, having latest machinery and technologies provides for agricultural lab tests on everything from soil, seeds to harvest crops for customers seeking to increase their production.

Farmer Consultation

We provide customized consultations for farmers where farmers can call us for free solutions or can ask for our specialised teams to visit their farms.

Research & Development

R&D is the basis of our companies strengths and quality. We want this to benefit you as well. Let our team of specialised scientists solve your problems or create highly specified products for you.

Soil Testing

Soil testing forms the basis of modern agriculture, It is performed to analyse target groups of compounds and minerals. This analysis can help increase the crop yield multi-fold. We provide these analyses on turn around time whilst also providing solution to increase soil quality.