We are leading in the plants service fields.

Aditya Micronutrients has a wide experience of providing Bio-fertilizers, Micro and Macro Nutrients that are recognized as ideal agriculture products, commercially viable for Organic and Inorganic Farming worldwide, focusing on sustainable agriculture & balanced nutrient supply to plants. Aditya products have superior performance and relatively low cost when compared to similar Agro products. Our other Services include Soil Testing, Farmer Consultation, Greenhouse/Polyhouse farming Services.

The Openfield Timeline

Our Growth Story


Our Aditya Group diviresified and established a Chemical division engaging in the business of producing raw materials for fertilisers,bulk chemicals and mining chemicals.


In the year 2008 we established Aditya Micronutrients getting into manufacturing and sale of fertilizers and agro-chemicals ourselves.


Continuing to grow and introducing new products we expanded into Gujarat and Madhyapradesh. Now becomeing one of the leading brands.


Spreading our wings we expanded into indian states of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Karnataka.


We have set our sites over seas and are expanding into Africa, focusing on Tanzania, Uganada and Kenya.