Aditya Folier Application
Modern agriculture must supply crops with optimum Nutrient Supply irrespective of which growth stage the plant is into. We understand the requirement of crops and after though research the outcome is "Aditya Foliar Application".
It serves as a very crucial and well demanded beneficiary for plants. This can be achieved through adoption of modern, well researched and précised practices in terms of nutrient management.
This micro nutrient has a very high dilution rate which dissolves in water very easily. Each and every drop contains nutrient which can be further utilized in the water dripping methods. Also the nutrients are so fine and polished that it can be soaked by the roots readily resulting in ultimate fully fledged healthy crops.


   The salient features are as follows
The most Versatile & valuable input in nutrition forming
100% organic, non toxic, eco friendly with soil improving attributes
Rapidly absorbed by the plant.
It helps for root development of plants, which results in maximum growth of plant.
The most cost effective product in the Agro market & the quality is exceptional.
Nutrient Content: Ferus 2.5%, Manganese 1%, Zinc 3 %, Copper 1%, Molybdenum 0.1%, Boron 0.5%,
Recommendations: Recommended for all crops.
Dose: Per Acre 5 lit. distributed.
Packing Available: 1 litre. 5 litre. & 20 litre.
Compatability: It can be used with N:P:K and other fertilizers.
Note: Optimum rates of application will vary between fields, depending on soil pH, and degree of deficiency.


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